Vanessa was very professional and thorough. My visit exceeded my expectations and I look forward to seeing her as my practitioner in the future as well. I highly recommend her.

Esther T.

I was struggling with my health after the birth of our last child in 2018. With many unanswered questions from my OB and thyroid specialist and many prescribed medications later with little to no improvement. I sought out a different perspective of healing. That’s where Vanessa has listened, tested for things other Practitioners didn’t and found answers I have been searching for. She has spent countless hours with me getting to the root cause and allowing me to feel like myself again.

Olivia K.

Vanessa was, and continues to dedicate a lot of time outside of office hours to research supplements and techniques to aid in managing my rare neurological condition. She is always very patient during office visits, with a sincere very caring attitude and approach to my situation.


I am grateful I was introduced to Vanessa McGregor for a health consult. Through some extensive lab tests a condition I was diagnosed with years ago was dispelled. She introduced me to some natural vitamins to hopefully help keep me healthy and improve some levels of concern. I believe she looks far beyond the obvious surface details of health.

Lucille H.

we treat the whole person,

mind, body, and soul.