Vanessa is a board-certified family nurse practitioner (FNP-BC) in Paducah, Kentucky, who specializes in adult health and wellness. Vanessa is committed to providing every patient with an in-depth analysis of all body systems seeking to identify the root cause of illness. Maintaining high standards of care in a friendly environment is paramount to her practice.

A functional
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5 Star Reviews

I was struggling with my health after the birth of our last child in 2018. With many unanswered questions from my OB and thyroid specialist and many prescribed medications later with little to no improvement. I sought out a different perspective of healing. That’s where Vanessa has listened, tested for things other Practitioners didn’t and found answers I have been searching for. She has spent countless hours with me getting to the root cause and allowing me to feel like myself again.

– Olivia K.

we treat the whole person,

mind, body, and soul.